Spectra GmbH was founded in 2011 by managing partner Thomas Bischoff as a craft business.

The trained car body and vehicle construction master, business economist and TÜV expert has decades of experience with various vehicle manufacturers and oriented himself towards implementing personal ideas in the direction of his own company.

The result is an innovative manufactory that focuses on customised mobile solutions for the highest quality demands. Prizes and nominations – such as the “Design Plus 2013” and the “German Design Award 2014 and 2021” – prove that the company more than lives up to its own standards. The company is conveniently located in Stutensee, Baden-Württemberg, with its production hall, design office and administration.

The in-house production depth of the products also meets the highest standards in the area of maintenance, repair and service. The portfolio is almost infinite and offers mobile solutions for every conceivable purpose with a focus on all-wheel-drive expedition motorhomes, empty cabins (empty cases), accessories

In the motorhome segment, Spectra also keeps some standard products in stock to ensure short delivery times. In addition to the many projects already realised, Thomas Bischoff still has a few creative visions slumbering in his idea drawer. If you are looking for something very special, you are sure to find it at Spectra, but you have definitely found the right partner when it comes to unusual individual constructions.

Alle Produkte werden im Auftrag der Kunden entworfen, hergestellt und verkauft, aber es steht auch ein attraktiver Fuhrpark zur Verfügung.