Offroad motorhome & caravan – SPECTRA EXPEDITION presents its new motorbike double-decker rear lift

SPECTRA GmbH is a special vehicle construction company with many years of experience in the construction of special solutions in the motorhome sector. The company stands for its innovative vehicles, which are lovingly handcrafted, coupled with creativity, professionalism and high quality. In addition to the production of expedition vehicles and off-road trailers, Spectra is known throughout Europe for its promotional vehicles.

The managing director, himself a passionate bodywork & vehicle construction master as well as TÜV expert, now wants to be more involved in the field of expedition, overlander and off-road vehicles. So here comes another milestone for the industry, the motorbike rear lift, which stacks two motorbikes on top of each other and transports them on the motorhome.

Even in an 8.2m long box body on a 26t chassis of a 3-axle Mercedes Arocs, some customers may run out of storage space. Despite a multitude of interior storage options, a double floor, stainless steel exterior storage compartments, there is still something that wants to be carried along.

For this purpose, Spectra offers outstanding possibilities of different rear lift motorbike platforms from own construction, which allow a motorbike, quad, bicycle or other equipment to be carried along in a versatile way. The latest double-decker version surpasses previous models not only in height, as now not only 1 motorbike, but 2 motorbikes can be stacked on top of each other to save space. This is done by 2 different platforms, each of which is moved hydraulically. Once the first motorbike is secured on the platform, which can hold up to 300kg, the platform swings upwards by approx. 1.6m and provides access to fix the second motorbike next to the spare wheel and sand plates in the motorbike rocker. Different fastening options in the airline lashing rails provide secure hold for any load. The entire lift mast then moves with both motorbikes into the driving position. The imposing appearance should first and foremost not only look like a technical masterpiece, but also accompany the life of the vehicle. Therefore, every system is statically calculated and designed. The customised rear lift solution is attached to the chassis of any customer vehicle. There is no connection to the box body, which presents some challenges statically.

The design of the hydraulics for 2.5-fold safety is additionally secured with two manual, 20 mm thick locking latches, because safety is paramount. This is also the case with corrosion, which can be an undesirable side effect on a motorhome. The best structural analysis is useless if a highly stressed component rusts through after a few years. The individual components are galvanised in an immersion bath and then powder-coated or matched to the colour of the vehicle.

In addition to complete vehicles or this high-end motorbike lift solution, Spectra Expedition offers other, more cost-effective model solutions of rear carriers of various designs that can also be individually fitted to existing vehicles.

If you have been convinced of the versatile application possibilities of a motorbike bike carrier, contact us!