Our stand at the CMT 2023 in the Stuttgart exhibition halls also drew the attention of the youtube channel “Clever campen“ to us.
So we became part of this great video with our “Spectra Circular 63 VL” expedition vehicle exhibited there.
Feel free to have a look, of course not necessarily only at the directly linked chapter on Spectra.

By the way, the fair will run until 22.01.2023 – enough time for anyone interested to come by and get to know us for real!

In the premium hall C2, next to the well-known manufacturers Concorde, Morelo and Phoenix, there is a somewhat different vehicle, grey in grey, which by its colour, shape and concept does not fit into hall C2 at all.
Premium yes, but “white goods” do not exist at Spectra. With us, customers’ wish lists are ticked off during planning and production. No two projects are alike.

It does not matter to us whether we build on a used or new vehicle.

The decision whether to buy used or new depends, among other things, on the customer’s budget, or, as is unfortunately possible nowadays, because no new chassis can be delivered in an adequate period of time.

Spectra manufactures off-road capable individual solutions with the claim to improve things in function and design. No effort is spared, as the saying goes. The use of mass-produced goods is avoided, and we therefore design and build our own.

From chassis conversions, component and case construction, various hydraulic motorbike lift variants, even the frameless display windows are our own designs and are manufactured in Stutensee near Karlsruhe. Thus, we determine the design of the vehicle instead of using prefabricated standard components.

Spectra manufactures 80% of the vehicle in-house, unlike more and more of the many new entrants to the market.
Our clientele appreciates what we do and think, even if it comes at a price. The result is unique and stands out from the crowd.

You have not yet found the right partner to work off your wish list?

Then visit us at CMT Stuttgart, Hall C2 Stand A51.