What more do you need. A bed and a roof over your head. Sometimes it is like that. However, if you are going on a long journey, you can have a little more.

The result was a Mercedes Unimog 4×4 for 2 people, which was partly built by the customer as a DIY project.

A 60mm insulated sandwich cab was created with KCT fittings and windows, a rear lift rack for spare wheel, sand sheets and bicycles at the rear of the vehicle. Victron and Phillipi contributed the technology. A passage to the driver’s cab with flexible bellows sleeve allows access at any time while driving.

The cosily furnished interior made of lightweight construction and solid wood was largely done by the customer.

The spacious dinette, which offers room for up to 4 people, is converted into a sleeping bed. Separate mattresses are available for this purpose. All-round windows bring light into the interior of the superstructure, which are fitted with mosquito and blackout blinds.

The worktops are covered with black linoleum and have a great feel and offer a nice contrast to the wood and leather.

Decentralised ventilation with heat recovery prevents mould and ensures fresh air in the interior.

The UNIMOG – indestructible and robust. We therefore wish you a safe journey at all times